A nail injury caused by a fungal infection, the fungal agent can damage the nail bed and plate.

During onychomycosis, the nail changes color:
Has a yellowish, whitish, brown color. The nail is thickened and brittle.

Onychomycosis is a contagious disease!

Treatment includes different methods.

The most effective method is considered to be the Nd:Yag laser.
At Healthy Look Anti-fungal nail laser treatment is performed with Deka’s Nd:Yag laser and the treatment interval is 3-4 weeks.

The procedure amount depends on the degree of damage. It is painless and has no downtime.

Nail Fungus Treatment

1 Nail

50 ₾

5 Nails

150 ₾

10 Nails

250 ₾

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Onychomycosis is a nail infection caused by fungi. It can damage the nail bed and plate, leading to changes in nail color, thickness, and texture.

Symptoms of onychomycosis include:

  • Discoloration of the nail (yellowish, whitish, or brown)
  • Thickened or brittle nails
  • Changes in nail shape or texture
  • Pain or discomfort in the affected nail area

Treatment for onychomycosis may include topical antifungal medications, oral antifungal drugs, medicated nail polish, or laser therapy. The most effective method is often considered to be laser treatment with laser.

Laser treatment targets the fungi responsible for onychomycosis using a specialized laser beam. The laser energy penetrates the nail and destroys the fungal cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

The number of laser treatment sessions required depends on the severity of the infection and individual response to treatment. Typically, multiple sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results.

Laser treatment for onychomycosis is generally well-tolerated and painless. Patients may experience a mild warming sensation during the procedure, but there is no downtime, and normal activities can be resumed immediately afterward.

To schedule the laser treatment for onychomycosis or learn more about the procedure, you can contact Healthy Look through our website or by phone. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you in booking an appointment and addressing any questions or concerns you may have about onychomycosis treatment.

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